How to Check Fake Followers on Instagram in 2024

How to Check Fake Followers on Instagram in 2024

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February 10, 2024

Instagram is a unique tool in the rapidly expanding social media landscape that has the power to make or break online marketing campaigns. However, many fake followers create unaccountable problems for influencers, marketers, and companies. 

People and organizations are looking for trustworthy ways to separate real engagement from manipulated figures, as evidenced by the strong search trends for “Instagram fake follower check“.

Having hundreds of thousands of followers is not uncommon in the modern world. Though it might surprise you to learn how widespread this following scale is, brands should know that purchasing or obtaining free false followers is possible. 

Some of these social media users utilize fake followers to inflate their following and give the impression that they are more prominent than they are. You can verify your suspicions if you think an Instagram account has fake followers in a few different ways. Let’s dive into details to identify fake Instagram fans and followers:

Why Do I Need to Check Fake Instagram Followers?

Why Do I Need To Check For Fake Instagram Followers

Having a large number of followers may seem appealing. Even still, quality wins out over quantity in the complex web of social media statistics. Fake followers might negatively impact Your digital marketing efforts, affecting interaction rates and damaging your trust.

Influencers and companies can work together to create partnerships and content with accuracy and sincerity by knowing the proportion of followers who are not real. Instagram has over a billion monthly active users, solidifying its position as a powerful platform in the rapidly evolving social media landscape. 

Due to its extensive reach and impact, have drawn businesses, influencers, and regular people looking to boost their online visibility. Tools like the Instagram fake followers checker have been made available in response to this growing concern.

The increasing problem of fake followers on Instagram has prompted several businesses and independent developers to create Instagram fake follower checkers. Identifying and removing fake followers from accounts is the aim of these tools.

Instagram is still fighting fake followers, but these checkers are a valuable security precaution.

Why Is Checking Fake Instagram Followers Crucial?

Why Is Checking Fake Instagram Followers Crucial

As a result of the excessive chaos that fake Instagram followers create in the digital world, many issues have been identified as really concerning.

  • Engagement metrics are distorted by many false followers, making it challenging for influencers and businesses to assess their content’s true impact and reach. This may result in subpar advertising choices.
  • One of the main ingredients of social media trust is authenticity. Fake followers can damage the credibility of a person or brand since they distort the real deal.
  • Users’ alerts and interactions are clogged by the flood of fake comments, likes, and direct messages that arise from having fake followers.
  • Fake followers put Instagram’s credibility and user experience quality in danger. The platform has concerted effort to address these issues to maintain a vibrant community. Yet these bots have constantly attacked and will continue to do so.

How Do Fake Instagram Followers Harm Your Account?

How Do Fake Instagram Followers Harm Your Account?

There are a set number of fake followers on each account. However, anything above that can suggest that you have a significant bot problem, so you should think about getting rid of them immediately.

You might have even bought some fake Instagram followers to increase Instagram following if you need to be aware of the harm that too many of them can do to your account. However, purchasing actual, active Instagram followers is always a better option. This is the reason. 

Low Engagement on Your IG Posts

Since fake followers aren’t individuals, you may expect no interaction from them on your postings. Therefore, even while you may think your many followers are remarkable, it won’t benefit you if most of them are fake. 

For the Instagram algorithm to distribute your material to more users, it is preferable to devote your time to interacting with actual users who will like, comment on, save, and share it. 

Real IG Users Won’t Trust You

The harm that false followers can do to your reputation is another unintended consequence of getting them. Real users could wonder if you bought your followers if they discover that some are false. 

It doesn’t matter if you followed them; the fake accounts remain. By doing this, they’re fabricating your following count and giving you a dishonest appearance. That may reduce the likelihood that real individuals will follow you. 

High Chances for Instagram Account Banning

Having fake followers may occasionally result in your Instagram account being suspended or, worse, deleted. This severe penalty is typically meted out to those who buy fake followers. 

Instagram has a substantial restriction against bot accounts on their site, which is something that most companies selling fake Instagram followers fail to mention. The platform can suspend or remove you if they believe you have fake comments or likes to get more followers. 

One of the most widely used social networking sites worldwide is Instagram. That’s the most popular platform, with over a billion users globally. It wasn’t much more feature-rich than others when it initially came out. 

Nevertheless, Instagram eventually developed original concepts and functionalities. With every passing day, Instagram’s feature count keeps increasing. Long-term success on Instagram depends on having a real following. 

It gives you more credibility and engagement and creates more opportunities for connection and growth with your following. You may buy real Instagram Views and likes to see actual interaction on your photos.

Top 5 Instagram Fake Follower Checker Tools

Now that you know how false followers can damage your Instagram account, you may want to find out how many people are following you so you can unfollow them! In light of this, these are the top 5 Instagram fake follower checkers available online as of 2024.

1: InBeat


It’s easy to utilise InBeat. All you need to do is click Check Followers after copying and pasting your Instagram username. Be sure to include the @ symbol. An audit report estimating the proportion of active vs inactive followers on your account will be generated by InBeat in a few moments. 

The inactive ones are considered fraudulent since they don’t create posts or engage with others. The Instagram fake follower checker tool from Inbeat is quite helpful. InBeat provides an integrated analytics platform designed to deliver insightful performance data. 

InBeat Pros

  • Search versatility for influencers
  • Real-time monitoring and tracking of fake followers
  • Top-rated Instagram fake followers checker
  • Free to use
  • Includes Instagram engagement rate calculator
  • Marketing ROI calculator
  • IG money calculator

InBeat Cons

  • Enables the import of your contact information

2. HypeAuditor


HypeAuditor may be your go-to fake Instagram followers checker if you search for a detailed account examination and a tally of your fake followers. HypeAuditor uses your Instagram username to audit your account.

Along with information on audience demographics, account activity, influencer rankings globally and locally, and more, it provides more information than just the number of fake followers you have.

The entire audit report is only accessible after you create an account with HypeAuditor. However, you’ll receive a tonne of helpful knowledge for free and will learn a great deal.

HypeAuditor Pros

  • Real-time activity tracking
  • A complete complaint management system
    Instagram ROI tracking
  • Activity dashboard

HypeAuditor Cons

  • Limited options
  • It is expensive as compared to other IG fake follower checkers

3: Modash


Like InBeat, Modash requires your Instagram login to check about increased Instagram analytics. Next, it provides you with the percentage of fake followers you have. Other helpful information that Modash delivers to you for free includes the average amount of likes you receive on your posts, your engagement rate, and the increase of your followers and likes over time.

Marketers may identify influencers who resonate with their target audience by using Modash. With the maximum ROI, they can develop and refine influencer initiatives that work well. Modash is a free and authentic tool to check fake followers on the Instagram tool.

Modash Pros

  • 24/7 customer’s support
  • Advanced search options with great features

Modash Cons

  • Not accessible in all countries
  • Not affordable for all


By calculating the appropriate number of likes and comments for your articles based on your follower count, assists you in estimating the proportion of your followers who are not real. 

It may indicate that you have some dormant bot accounts on your hands if you’re getting a lot fewer likes and comments than your followers are. It is important to remember that requires credits to display the data from your Instagram account. 

Additionally, you may be OK with fake followers if you receive fewer likes and comments than you should, given the size of your Instagram fan base. However, you can still utilise the knowledge this website offers to help you enhance your profile.

Fakecheck Pros

  • Social reach and social engagement tracking
  • No need to log in
  • User-friendly

Fakecheck Cons

  • You need to pay for a premium subscription



To identify and compile a list of all fake followers, Social Auditor will examine every fan on the platform. Ultimately, what matters are those who have the potential to purchase your product rather than large quantities.

You may better understand your fans with the aid of Social Auditor. It indicates whether the users are actual people, fake Instagram accounts, or inactive accounts. It also displays how many shares, likes, and comments you receive on your posts. 

Social Auditor Pros

  • Check fake Instagram followers
  • Check fake Instagram likes
  • Check fake Instagram comments
  • Detect bots and low-engagement accounts

Social Auditor Cons

  • Login required
  • Charge per IG account report

What to Do When You Find Fake Instagram Followers?

This is what to do if you want to remove many false followers from your Instagram account after discovering that you have many.

  • Find out which of your followers are automated
  • Take the fake followers off of your account
  • Report or block the fraudulent Instagram followers

Regretfully, you can’t stop fake followers from following you on Instagram by deleting their accounts. The best defence against their returning is to report or block them. Instagram will also instantly block them if you report them. At the same time, you might be preventing bots from following other legitimate Instagram users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Fake Instagram Followers Bad for My Account?

Of course, we never recommend buying fake IG followers, as it will hurt your account in multiple ways. However, you can buy real Instagram followers to boost your account’s presence. 

How Do I Check for Fake Followers on Instagram?

You can use the “check fake followers” tools discussed in this post to identify fake followers on your Instagram account.

Why Do I Need to Check for Fake Followers on Instagram?

It is essential to verify the legitimacy and efficacy of your online presence by scrutinizing your Instagram profile for fake followers. Your engagement rates, collaborations, and general social media success can all be significantly impacted by fake followers. 

Final Words

In general, there are several ways to identify fake followers.  Fake accounts need to be more active and have a few posts. A fake account usually doesn’t use real people’s pictures in its messages or profile photos. 

If they do utilize human photos, they got them from somewhere else. At least not in tiny doses; having fake Instagram followers is okay. However, the more you own, the more damage they will do to your account. Using any of the top 5 Instagram fake followers checks on our list, you may prevent issues caused by fake accounts by verifying who you are following.

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