Refund Policy

If you aren’t satisfied with our products or services. You may request a complete refund from us. The policy of refund is only valid for the 24 hours of the purchase at the time your order is placed.

Contact sales Department at for any kind of billing issue or refund.

Post Delivery

When Order is Delivered Refund policy will not applicable after that.

After Order Completion refund policy end, But if your service counts down you can request for Refill the counts till 30 days of Order Delivered.

Late Delivery

  • services can take little londer time than mentioned at Order page.
  • Consider it normal, if your order not delivered in time feel free to contact our sales department at
  • our support department will be ready to help with you order completion.

 30 Days Refill

  • our Refill Policy Last 30 days after order completed
  • we will not provide refund after order completed
  • only way is refill your followers count
  • if you change username or private your account we will be not accepting it as refill count


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