20 Instagram Story Ideas: Ways to Beat the Competition 2024

20 Instagram Story Ideas

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February 1, 2024

Excite your audience and pack your content schedule with these inventive Instagram story ideas. Would you want those adorable stories? You probably yearn to impress your Instagram followers and maximize every pixel. Reposting your feed or reel posts to your Instagram story is more than a waste of space. 

An Instagram story can serve as a tool for engagement. You inquire as to why. Your stories might get more significant engagement than your carousel posts or that ideal picture. 

The claim that Instagram stories have a lower reach rate than feed posts is made by some.  But once it catches the corner of your followers’ eyes, it wins hands down. You can also buy Instagram views for stories to reach more audiences.

We’ve compiled a list of 20 original Instagram story ideas in this post to help you boost views and interaction.

20 Instagram Story Ideas for More Views in 2024

20 Instagram Story Ideas For More Views In 2024

It can be challenging to create an exciting and entertaining Instagram story, and it does require significant work to craft a story that your audience would adore carefully. Instagram released many new story features and filters 2024, which you can utilize in your stories. 

Undoubtedly, engaging stories are among the foremost ways to go viral on Instagram. To help you tell more visually appealing stories, we have compiled a list of 20 Story Ideas for professionals, individuals, and organizations. 

1: Add a Story with a “New Post Sticker”

Add A Story With A “New Post Sticker”

You may be seeing more views, likes, and general interaction on your stories than on your posts in the Instagram feed. Some users don’t even scroll through their feeds; they only watch Instagram stories.

You may share additional updates to your story, ideally with text or a sticker to make it more engaging to ensure your content continuously reaches those folks. Many stickers are available that encapsulate that activity wonderfully.

2: Add BTS (Behind the Scene) Stories

You may give your audience the impression that they are a part of the brand’s journey by crafting an exciting and participatory behind-the-scenes narrative. Put a poll sticker on it and ask your audience to guess the contents. Take it further and acknowledge the followers who made the correct guess. 

3: Post Polls for Direct Engagement

Post Polls For Direct Engagement

Comparative polls are another story concept that has been advantageous for businesses to put on their stories. You can make a poll with a question like “Which one do you use?” or “Who do you think wins?” and use a poll template to compare two of your most excellent goods. 

These tales are entertaining and encourage users to look at your merchandise.

4: Make the Story’s Background Attractive

Make The Story’s Background Attractive

Adding extra pieces can make your boring story background more interesting. For example, including text in your background could enhance the visual appeal of your postings. Create a text wall on your background to accompany your primary image or video.

Anything that can help strengthen your brand will do. You have two options for adding layers to your background: either do it directly in the picture or video or use Instagram to do it after you post your story.

5: Use IG’s Boomerang Feature

Boomerang has a long history. Furthermore, some people still enjoy it, despite what others may believe to be the consensus. This is particularly valid when the impact is applied appropriately.

For those unaware, Boomerang is an Instagram tool that allows users to create loop films. It was once a stand-alone app. However, users may now access it straight through Instagram.

There should be a Boomerang post option available when you post a story. Now and then, publish a Boomerang post to see the response from your readership.

6: Ask Questions About Your Brand

Use a quiz sticker to put your ardent fans to the test by asking them questions concerning your brand. In addition to being a fun method for your audience to engage with you as a creator, answering a question correctly makes us all feel a little happier.

It can be interesting to share educational information that benefits your audience to establish your brand’s authority and thought leadership. Telling your audience an engaging and informative story can increase their engagement and brand loyalty.

7: Share Inspiring Content on Story

Whether you run a company or are creative, you likely get ideas from various sources. Some examples are indie music, a cool vase you once saw, or even a stroll in the park. One of the best ways to show your followers that you are a real human being is to share pictures or videos of what makes you show that you’re not a robot.

8: Repost the Customer’s Story About Your Product 

It’s optional to upload your personal Instagram stories all the time. If any of the Instagram posts made by your followers are related to your brand, you can use them. Are consumers sharing images of your products on social media?

These are all tales fit for Instagram. It would be unfortunate if these were thrown away. It’s one method to express gratitude to clients for their support. To avoid problems, you are strongly advised to obtain authorization before reporting their content.

9: Share Featured Images of Products

You can arrange a picture or video session with your clients and models to showcase all of your goods and services. You can then utilise these materials for your tales on Instagram. The benefit of Instagram stories is that they don’t require as polished an appearance as images and videos for an advertising campaign. 

All you need to capture images and movies is your phone. After making a few changes, upload the files straight away. You could invite your staff to serve as role models. If they’re uncomfortable in front of the camera, you can act as your model and ask them to capture your pictures or films.

10: Share Links and Coupons

One of the best ways to get more Instagram followers to your profile is to share special offers and coupons with your audience. Making some puzzles to solve to get the special coupon codes needed for discounts and freebies is another way to keep your audience entertained and interested.

While text, stickers, and emoticons have their uses, a simple, well-kept, excellent shot still has merit. Consider just providing a beautiful lifestyle photo of one of your products and a link to the item. A lack of effort shouts cool.

11: Use Instagram Countdown Sticker

Because the clock on Instagram’s countdown stickers is dynamic and changes every second, they are fascinating to watch. In addition to creating a sense of urgency, the countdown makes your followers eager for the event.

12: Create Unboxing Stories

Craft lovely unboxing stories that highlight the products from your brand. Introducing new goods or limited-edition releases in this manner is a terrific idea. Choose a light shade from your brand’s color scheme and look for adorable items in that exact shade. To break up the monotony of plain colors, use them. 

13: Show New Products on Stories

Are you going to release a new product soon? Alternatively, do you have a product that your customers adore? If so, why not make the most of this chance to close deals?  To attract more prospective clients to your profile, you can release brief teaser movies or customer appreciation films showcasing your latest offerings and their appeal to your target market.

14: Add an Insider of an Event

Everyone enjoys feeling insider information, so enticing your audience with some pre-event content will help them feel more excited. Tell a genuine tale that gives your audience a sense of the level of planning that goes into your work; it doesn’t have to be flawless.

15: Share a Contest Winner on Story

In addition to being a terrific method to increase your Instagram following, holding contests or giveaways may also generate meaningful engagement when the winners are announced. There are two benefits to sharing the winner of a contest on your tales. 

In addition to helping to verify the legality of your contest to your followers, it can serve two purposes: first, it can help notify a contest winner that they have won. Since when have you entered contests and have yet to receive a response?

Remembering that there is an actual winner will encourage non-winners to participate in future contests.

16: Post a Collage

You don’t have to include an actionable element in every story you post; posting too many articles with polls, question stickers, and links can become tiresome for your followers. Post a lovely collage of lifestyle images, including your business, or simply a handful of eye-catching photos straight from your camera roll to break things up.

17: Add Your Website Slide-Up Link

For any business on Instagram, this is, without a doubt, the most significant feature. Instagram just added the Link sticker, often known as the slide-up feature, which has many applications. Your audience can be redirected to your store or items gallery by using the link sticker that you can add to your article.

You can also use this sticker to send viewers to your review page to obtain some great feedback on your items. Instagram is a fantastic tool for marketing, and more companies are beginning to realize this.

Although the site has a lot of capabilities, Instagram stories are, without a doubt, the most significant feature for improving your marketing. Thus, utilize these ideas for company Instagram stories on your Instagram account.

18: Play with Colors and Fonts

Seeing Instagram stories with many fonts used is not unusual. Text may stand out by using this graphic design technique. As a result, a large portion of the content may also become more straightforward to read. 

Why not utilize various font colors instead of several fonts if you think that needs to be more sufficient? Yes, you don’t have to limit yourself to just black-or-white text. Numerous colors are available for selection. Keep using the colors associated with your brand. 

An alternative is to select colors that complement your image or video. Indeed, the choice is yours.

19: Use Different Countdown Templates

What makes a countdown such a brilliant idea, you ask? Because it provides you with a rationale for daily posting. They’re also quite simple to produce. The template is the same for most countdowns. 

All you have to do is adjust the numbers when the countdown to the event approaches. For a business function, you may have a countdown. Still, countdowns to the holidays are a terrific idea. 

20: Merge Pictures with Stickers for Aesthetics

Does your desire to appear attractive in your stories outweigh your dislike of baring your face? We meet your needs! Search for face stickers to get an abundance of stickers you may use to cover your face. 

To make your stories even cuter, you may also utilize certain filters that offer stickers for your face. What surpasses frames fashioned like hearts, do you know? A multi-frame, visually appealing Instagram tale! 

If you use it properly, it may be adorable and appealing. To produce an effect, choose a background image and place it over the same image in the center.

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