Top 10 Apps to See Who Stalks You on Instagram

Top 10 Apps to See Who Stalks You on Instagram

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March 30, 2024

Instagram is currently the most popular website for sharing images and videos. With its many features, this visually stimulating social networking platform, presently owned by Facebook, has captured users’ hearts.

It is a virtual platform for celebrities to interact with followers and share glimpses into their private lives. Additionally, Instagram helps bloggers and businesses establish a unique online persona.

Instagram is becoming increasingly popular; therefore, everyone is always sharing content. Its database is enormous. As a result, it’s not unusual to have Instagram stalkers operating in the shadows.

Furthermore, technology facilitates easy tracking of individuals. Additionally, some people might misuse these supposed to be private images and movies! But don’t worry; you can utilise third-party programmes to see who has followed your Instagram posts.

Therefore, to assist you, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best Instagram stalker apps so you can instantly identify your stalker!

Can I See Who Has Viewed My Instagram Profile?

Can I See Who Has Viewed My Instagram Profile

“Who looks at my Instagram profile?” is one of the most often asked queries online. Many issues can arise from someone stalking someone on Instagram, and some individuals are curious about who is following them unfollowed. 

You need to find out who has followed you on Instagram or look through your profile. Some people have little interest in knowing who has viewed their Instagram page. However, you must be aware of it. Knowing who is following you on Instagram can be helpful for several reasons. However, you cannot keep track of who visits your Instagram page.

In essence, you cannot track who has visited your Instagram page. We offer practical ways to know who frequently views your Instagram account. You cannot see who is following you on Instagram. But you could be wondering a few things.

10 Apps to Find Who Has Viewed Your Instagram Profile

You should exercise vigilance for your safety and security, even though most people who read and follow your Instagram profile are generally harmless. Now and again, certain people could pose a threat or cause injury. 

Find out which applications can assist you in determining who has been looking at your Instagram profile by reading on.

1: Visitor Pro App

Visitor Pro App

If you want to respond to the inquiries, “Who viewed my Instagram story?” OR “Who viewed my Instagram profile?” Get the “Visitors Pro” app for your iPhone, and that’s the solution! Everything you require to know who is watching your Instagram story may be found in this app. 

2: WProfile


On Instagram, you can see who has saved and viewed your posts and stories and who has unfollowed or blocked you. It can inform you of anything that occurs. You can create your customised timeline by saving your favourite Instagram profiles and using analytics to gain insight into each profile.

We found that this program allows us to see who has viewed our Instagram profile after trying it. Its user-friendly, straightforward design makes it simple to operate. It’s easy to figure out who is following you on Instagram.

3: InStalker


This programme regularly generates reports about the person who follows your Instagram account. Yes, knowing who views or follows your Instagram account is helpful. You may use this free tool to monitor someone on Instagram to find out when they interact with your posts, stories, or videos.

Can you see who views your Instagram account with this app? Yes, without a doubt. This app is one of the reasons we included it; it allows you to monitor who frequently views your posts, stories, videos, and Instagram profile.

4: Influxy


A website called Influxy was created to provide simplified metrics and traffic measurements for websites. It assists you in monitoring any modifications to the individuals you follow or are followed by. You can find out if social media updates are no longer being sent to you if you are blocked or unblocked.

You can discover whether someone has altered their username or name and ceased to follow you. To find out who and when has viewed your Instagram profile and stories, download the Influxy app to your phone.

If someone saw your article on your profile without leaving a comment, you can quickly determine who it was. You undoubtedly want to know who is looking at your profile but doesn’t like you, even though it could be depressing.

This app lets you view your following, popularity, and friends’ activities on your page. In addition, you may see who has remarked and appreciated your postings.

5: XProfile


Finding out who views your Instagram profile is fascinating. We get your curiosity: What is the process for determining who views your Instagram profile? All you have to do is create an account on this app, and it will start looking through your Instagram followers and profile.

Knowing who has viewed your Instagram app is a nice feature. It monitors who is viewing your photos and narratives. This tool makes discovering who has viewed your Instagram profile simple. Give up speculating and collect all the information you can about individuals that stalk.

6: InstaFollow


Check out InstaFollow if you want to try out additional apps. It makes it easier to see who follows your stories on Instagram. When you utilise this Instagram user spying app, you’ll find out.

With this user-friendly tool, you can create reports about who is seeing your Instagram profile. This beneficial software lets you know who has viewed your Instagram profile.

7: FollowMeter


Three million users trust FollowMeter, which helps you track who is following you on Instagram and who unfollows you. Consider it Instagram’s manager. In addition to getting comprehensive information on their Instagram profiles, users may manage and monitor their followers.

8: Who Viewed My Profile for Insta

You should check your Instagram profile more often and utilise a different app to learn more about the people who follow you. This programme creates reports and handles your Instagram account daily. 

In this manner, you may monitor all activity on your Instagram account and profile. By looking through these reports, you can learn more about the individuals who follow and track you on Instagram.

9: AnalyzerPlus


You can gather information about the followers who are interested in your posts and stories on Instagram and are checking and stalking your account after using the “Ig Analyzer: Follower Analysis” app.

10: Followers Insight Tracker

Followers Insight Tracker

This software offers comprehensive data and analysis on the demographics, passions, and follower engagement. Using this data, you can better understand your audience and create content that appeals to their interests. 

Don’t let the name fool you. It is capable of almost anything for you. This app is the most excellent option if you want to try it. Those who regularly view or follow your Instagram account are visible to you. This programme is simple to use and is free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What does an Instagram Stalker app do?

A third-party app called an Instagram stalker app can assist you in finding out who has been seeing your posts, stories, or Instagram profile. These apps claim to provide usernames and additional information about users who have interacted with your Instagram account.

Can I use Instagram stalker apps for any other purpose?

Yes! With the aid of these applications, you may discover a lot of information, like how well your posts are working, who is interacting with them the most, how your profile performs about trends and much more.

Is it legal to stalk on Instagram?

Yes! It is legal and safe to stalk on Instagram. However, it is illegal to harass or tease anyone on Instagram after viewing their profiles and pictures. 

Can I see who stalks me on Instagram?

You can see who stalks you on Instagram by installing third-party applications. Luckily, these applications don’t harm your IG Privacy in any way. 

Final Words

To everyone who oversees an Instagram account, this is a message. To prevent someone from surreptitiously following and watching your account, please monitor who views it on Instagram.  Though they won’t give you specific viewer data, Instagram’s built-in business or creator accounts tools are the best option if you’re worried about privacy and data protection. 

These services allow you to measure page views or post engagement. You can also set your account to private to limit who can see your posts and stories.

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